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Chandelier Plant (Bryophyllum delagoense)


04 October 2016

Chandelier Plant (Bryophyllum delagoense)

An erect, hairless succulent perennial growing up to 1,2 metres high with grey-green, mottled leaves often having darker green to reddish spots. Flowers appear from June to July and are pale orange to deep magenta appearing at the end of an erect stalk.

Other names
Mother of Millions, Mother of Thousands (English)
Kandelaarplant (Afrikaans)
Invasive status
NEMBA Category 1b
CARA 2002 Category 1

Chandelier Plant
Originally from
Where is it a problem?
KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces
How does it spread?
Dispersal by seeds and rooting leaves
Why is it a problem?
It competes with indigenous species and is very poisonous to humans and animals
Planting alternatives
Veld Aloe (Aloe greatheadii), Coral Aloe (Aloe striata), Sickle Crassula (Crassula multicava), Fairy Crassula (Crassula perfoliata), Pigs Ears (Cotyledon orbiculata)
Ornamental plant

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