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Inkberry (Cestrum laevigatum)


07 October 2016

Inkberry (Cestrum laevigatum)

Inkberry is an evergreen shrub or tree normally growing 1 to 2 metres high, but reaching 15 metres or more along the coastal regions. This poisonous plant has lance-shaped leaves and greenish-yellow, tube-shaped flowers, which appear from October to May.

Other names
Cestrum (English)
Invasive status
NEMBA Category 1b
CARA 2002 Category 1

Originally from
Brazil, South America
Where is it a problem?
Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and along the Vaal and Orange rivers
How does it spread?
Seed dispersal
Why is it a problem?
It is a habitat transformer and competes against indigenous plants. The whole plant is toxic.
Ornamental and hedging

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